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Processed food has become common in this day and age with a majority of people not very keen on what they consume. However, it is important to note that processed food comes with negative effects. Processed food, in this case, refers to food which has undergone chemical processing and has artificial additives. Some of the negative effects associated with processed food include the following:

  • They are high in sugars. Most processed food is high in sugar which when consumed in large quantities is bad for human health. Some of the health conditions for which sugar is a predisposing factor include; insulin resistance – diabetes, fat accumulation in the liver- obesity, high cholesterol level- heart disease.


  • They contain large amounts of artificial ingredients. Processed food contains various artificial chemicals which are added to serve a number of purposes. These include; preservatives- to keep food from going bad, text rants- to give food a certain texture, colorants-to give food a particular texture, and flavors- to give food a particular flavor. Not all the chemicals used in processed food are listed on the label.
  • They are mostly low in nutrients. Processed food is mostly low in nutrients. Most of the nutrients found in whole food lack in processed food. Eating whole food, that is, food which has not undergone chemical processing will ensure that you get maximum nutrients.
  • They are addictive. Processed food messes with the biochemistry of the brain which can result in loss of control over these foods.
  • They are high in refined carbohydrates. This means that the carbohydrates found in processed food can be easily broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. This results in the quick increase in insulin and blood sugar levels, and if they go down after a while they cause one to have a craving to increase their blood sugar. Too much sugar is bad for your health.
  • They are low in fiber. Processed food has no fiber. Most of it is lost during processing or removed intentionally. Fiber is an important part of the digestion process; helps regulate a number of carbohydrates absorbed into the bloodstream. It also helps deal with the problem of constipation.


  • They are digested in a very short time. The food is highly processed making it easy to chew and swallow. Some of these foods simply melt in your mouth and all you need to do is swallow. This makes processed food easy to absorb into the system and therefore when one eats, the state of fullness does not last long. After a while, your stomach will feel empty prompting you to eat more,
  • They are high in processed vegetable oils. Processed food is high in these oils some of which have been hydrogenated to turn them into Trans fats. The high amounts omega-6 fatty acids increase oxidation and inflammation of the body.
    They mess with your brain. Consuming processed food can with your brain i.e. cause to experience brain fog. There have been studies which have shown that processed food can cause people to be more irritable. Whole food, however, has the opposite effect. It leaves one feeling calmer and collected.