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Why everyone should strength train

Weight training can be undertaken by people of any gender and age, there is always something for everyone to do with weights. Some people have misguided notions about who should do weight training but what they do not know is that there are many benefits that can be earned from weight training. These include the following:

It helps improve body coordination. Weight training enhances your body balance and coordination. Your body movement becomes more definite

It reduces the risk of disease occurrence. There have been studies that have shown that there is a relationship between weight training and disease prevention. It can reduce arthritis pain for arthritis patients; it helps women in post-menopause to increase their bone weight reducing chances of fractures; and for diabetes patients, weight training alongside healthy lifestyle changes enhances glucose control.

It is a great way to burn calories. Weight training is a perfect way to burn those calories. The body burns calories during the weight training period and after the training session ends. It needs more calories to make and maintain muscles hence when weights training you are burning way more calories just by getting those muscles and maintaining them.

It boosts your energy levels. Weight training increases the number of endorphins released by your body which results in you feeling great. In addition, weight training helps you relieve stress and stay in top mental health. You are able to sleep better, more relaxed and feeling at peace. It boosts your energy levels, provides you an outlet for stress, improves your mood and improves your quality of life.

It strengthens your bones and muscles. Weight training helps your bones and muscles to become stronger. Strong bones are not susceptible to fractures and breakages. Strong muscles are also not susceptible to injuries; they are strong and protect the more delicate ligaments and tendons.

It makes you fit and strong. Weight training has the benefit of rewarding you with the best physically fit version of yourself. It tones and strengthens your muscles by constricting them against a resistant force. The two types of resistance training are isotonic strength training and isometric training. Isotonic strength training involves contracting muscles through a range of motions e.g. weightlifting while isometric training involves contracting muscles against stationary objects e.g. the floor when doing push-ups. Either of these is beneficial in working toward your goal of total physical wellness.

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