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Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is an enjoyable activity that can be undertaken in strive to achieve physical fitness. There are many health benefits that are associated with swimming. They include the following:

Increased circulation. Swimming stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. The heart pumps more blood throughout the body to keep up with the oxygen demand to the various muscles involved when swimming.

Improved muscle strength. Swimming utilizes muscles in the whole body, from the upper part and lower part too. The arms pull, legs kick, and the stomach and back muscles are involved as well. It provides a whole body exercise from head to toe. Regular swimming will ensure that your muscles develop maximum strength and stamina.

It improves flexibility. Swimming is a rigorous exercise of the muscles which helps them to remain flexible. During swimming, muscles have to be flexible enough to enable one to move through the water. The arms muscles have to be strong enough to pull while the leg muscles also need to be strong to propel through the water. The back muscles are responsible for twisting and rotating while the stomach muscles need to power the legs. The whole swimming exercise engages muscles from all over the body, hence improving general body flexibility.

It strengthens your lungs. Swimming is good for the lungs. It increases the volume of lungs while also learning good breathing techniques. It also helps deal with exercise-induced asthma i.e. if during exercise you experience difficulties with your breath which resemble asthma symptoms then swimming is the activity to build your lung power.

It has cardiovascular benefits. Swimming strengthens the heart muscle and reduces chances of inflammation that could cause atherosclerosis occurring in the heart. A healthy heart means a healthy you.

It burns calories. Swimming is a great way to burn those extra calories. One can actually burn same or even more calories than when running depending on the style/ stroke they use and their intensity. You don’t have to go to the gym or do some other vigorous activity to burn those calories and lose weight, you can do that from your own pool and when travelling no need to give up on exercising and keeping fit, simply jump into the pool nearest to you and you will be right on track.

It builds up body bone mass. There have been studies that have shown that swimming increases bone weight. Though there has been a bit of a debate over this, why not be among the chosen many to discover these benefits.

It improves your mental health. Swimming is a good way to release stress and to relax. Being in the pool stretching your body while taking deep breaths works wonders. Shutting out the world and its troubles, giving your mind a break while exercising your body.