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The deadlift is an exercise which involves both the upper and lower body, lifting dead weight. It stimulates the upper thighs, lower back, the butt and the upper middle back. Some of the benefits of doing the deadlift exercise include the following:

  •  More muscles worked. The deadlift exercise engages more muscles than any other exercise; it works your muscles from head to toe, that is, your back muscles, lower and upper body. This is advantageous because with one exercise routine you get a total body workout.
  •  It burns more fat. Deadlifting burns more fat than dieting alone or just dieting with cardio exercise. This is an intensive exercise which requires a lot of energy to perform. There are way more calories that are burnt in forming and maintaining muscles.
  • Better body posture. Core strength and stability can be increased through deadlifting. Therefore, deadlift exercise improves your body posture because it engages the muscles involved in posture, therefore, helps you keep a straight back even after exercise. This contributes positively to your personal image and helps boost your confidence. A poor body posture such as a stooping back is not an ideal image of wellbeing and confidence.
  • Deadlift exercises improve your grip strength. In this exercise, your fingers are the ones connecting the rest of the body with the weights and therefore become strong. The forearms have to work equally as hard in support of the hands to prevent the weights from falling off. The more you progress in lifting weights the stronger your grip becomes.
  • It prevents injuries. Deadlifting strengthens muscles, especially around vital ligaments and tendons. Strong muscles protect other sensitive parts around them but if the muscles themselves are weak then they cannot do much to prevent unnecessary damage. It also protects the lower back strengthening the muscles around it.
  • It provides power and strength. Doing heavy deadlifts properly helps gain and retain power and strength which enhances performance even when older. It provides both physical and mental power and strength. Body muscles develop to top shape, lean and toned, which improves your general physical appearance. So you look good and are powerful too. These translate to mental power and strength from the confidence from having a high self-esteem and confidence.
  • Increased hormone production. The amount of testosterone and growth hormones produced increases when doing the deadlift exercise. Testosterone enhances muscle growth and repair whereas the growth hormone enhances bone strength, muscle growth, fat loss and tissue healing.

Video of personal trainer Jennifer demonstrating deadlifts.